Monday 2 December 2013


        You're welcome, relax, and enjoy each year of your life with 12 months of happiness, 52 weeks of fun laughter, 365 days of success, 8,760 hours of good health, 525, 600 minutes of blessings & 31,536,000 seconds of joy With God's help, so you can always enjoy an excellent continual prosperous progressive Life! Because, Holiness {Holistic, i.e. continuous functioning Perfect healthy stamina prosperous progressive state of blessings, wisdom, purity, righteousness, prosperity, progress, peace, grace, glory & joy on every side) is a journey without end. Although, purity/righteousness good but isn't holiness, because, it's based on validity {i.e. depending on worth/what/the person that renders you valid) in just an aspect/area, until it is always absolute on every side with simultaneous effect. And humility {meekness, i.e. being attentive, teachable, submissive and obedient/zero offence mindedness despite been knowledgeable/rich and having all sufficiency) is both the starting, take off and maintenance basis. Because, the means {procedures) as set/allowed by the benefactor, justifies {validates) the earns {benefits)

        Humility doesn't mean that you should treat people better than you treat yourself. That's impossible, because, humility actually means that you should treat {consider, regard) people as more important (i.e. they're as more valuable as you, because, you're one person and they're more in number/value). That's why the word; "Love" was used in this popular sentence/scriptural quote from Christ, " your neighbor [anyone near you that's in need of your attention/help/services. He/She/it can be God Almighty, your parents, friends, spouse, children, employer, employee, strangers, business, environment, property..] as you love yourself.." . Just like friends, parents/children, brothers/sisters, husbands/wives, employer/employees, etc, treats each other, because, however the other treats the other, he/she gets more in return! But, don't kill yourself, just because you're trying to create an impression/please someone who doesn't value your worth/sacrifices

        Learning {Perceiving, Attending, understanding, reasoning, retaining, studying, researching, fore-sensing, remembering, realizing, strategizing, organizing, innovating, pre-viewing on time before deciding, obeying, expressing, practicing the right thing at the right time, and preparing {budgeting & insuring your salvation [protection and escape route from evil] ahead of time!) doesn't just stop there, but, always advancing towards a better impact/modification, even when you're in heaven {Arrived), you must continue to learn, unlearn {zero your mind, but, retain relevant things) and re-learn to be re-born {Born Again , innovated/re-novated), so as remain in that Heaven. Because, some people were casted out from that heaven, because of ignorance {tired of learning/not wanting to learn, i.e. pride in disguise). I always learn from everything, even when "I know everything", I still learn from those that I teach. Because, "'s the meek (teachable, obedient, faithful, perfect and never proud despite having all sufficiency), that will inherit the earth, and not the "I too knows", neither the "I don't want to knows (Ignorant)", nor the "I don't knows (illiterate).


        Actions {Obedience. Doings) are in processes {Stages. Steps), because humans are composed of metamorphosing components {the drive [receptivity management controlling force/meta, i.e. spirit], the mind [perception/contents, i.e. soul, which is another valid word/version for spirit, just like clean also means pure], and the package [celestial/temporal transient visibility, i.e. body]) and these components has to express themselves very collaboratively via their various styles in their various components' aspects/spheres/metaphases for the person's advantage or adversary in whatever area/aspects/dimensions of life's metaphase. And, life is both a spiritual, mental, physical, financial, material, marital, academical, accommodational, educational, environmental, economical, social, political, practical, eternal.. journey metaphase, whose destiny is in various progressive processes that metamorphosis in to various lower to higher or higher to lower destinations/dimensions per time.

The Tithe (Amount/Measure) & Offerings (Distribution/Expression) Saga!

..An extract from: BEL-V-GiC with AD-BASE-PiC by Divinfavor .C'

            Achieving anything involves knowing the CSP {Closest Starting Points), VMP {Valid Media Processes)  And APS {Attaining Publicity Stages)

       A person that's honorable (deserving tributary), but, isn't aware of it, is like someone that dehydrates (dies of taste)  in a juice/water bottling factory, ..  ..Click here!

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